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About Cilantros Bar and Restaurant

Raj Thyagarajan completed his apprenticeship in Bangalore through the Taj group of hotels in 1986.

He then spent the next fifteen years working on cruise liners in Miami and through Bermuda.

Raj came to Australia in 2004 and worked in Pemberton for seven years, during which time he received the Chef of the Year award for 2007 (RCIA South West Hospitality Awards).

In 2010 he started his own restaurant, Cilantro Cafe, with the support of his wife. Cilantro has been going strong for the past four years.

If you are a foodie who loves fresh water crustacean then this is for you! Raj, the South West Chef of the Year in 2007, not only can prepare a brilliant curry or Asian Cuisine, he will whip up the ultimate Tandori Marron dish!

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